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FROSIO is a affiliate establishment started in 1986 by the coating industries to achieve a thriving need of competent and accredited personnel on all levels within administration, execution and inspection of coating protocol within corrosion control and surface treatment. 

FROSIO operates thru alignment of quality demands for corrosion protection and insulation inspectors. FROSIO approval and certification programs is being achieved high universal acceptance and a  FROSIO certified inspector is a specific prerequisite within various international standards and specifications.

FROSIO Training and Certification is a natural career advancement for anyone with a successfully completed apprenticeship or for anyone with long experience in anticorrosion work or insulation work. Successful completion of FROSIO Surface Treatment and Coating Inspector program that would elevate every individual as a “Coating Inspector” / “Painting Inspector” / “Coating Surveyor” / “Industrial Coating Superintendent” / “Coating or Painting Supervisor” / “Coating Failure Assessor” / “Anticorrosion Specialist”. Many options and possibilities are wide open in Oil / Gas / Petrochemical / Heavy Industries / Marine / Shipping Industries thus obtaining “FROSIO Inspector Certification” would be a best decision in compare with other country specific service providers whom where delivering their certifications with various levels (i.e. SSPC / NACE / ICorr / Bgas etc.,).

Requirements for Approval and Certification

  • Attend a training course in inspection of either surface treatment or insulation
  • The course to have a duration of 80 hours provided by a FROSIO approved training body
  • Pass both theoretical and practical exams
  • Document relevant experience and inspection experience

Certification levels and validity

FROSIO certification scheme has three different levels

  • Inspector candidate certificate Level  I – White
    • Candidates with no relevant experience or less that required for level  II-Green
    • Valid for 5 years from first issue date
  • Inspector certificate Level  II – Green
    • Candidate with minimum 2 years relevant experience
    • Valid for 5 years from first issue date
  • Inspector certificate Level III – Red
    • Candidate  with at least 5 years relevant experience whereof minimum 2 years shall be documented inspection experience
    • Valid for 5 years from first issue date

Relevant Experience

Work directly connected to pre-treatment of metallic surface, application of paint and other coatings for corrosion prevention and the inspection of such work.

Work related to planning, production or installation of insulation materials and systems

Such experience may be obtained within one or more of the field of  shipbuilding industry, marine and offshore installations, energy and power industry, roads and railroads, or industrial plants. Furthermore, experience of workshops, building industry, chemical process and paint coating industries will be considered as relevant.


The requirement for certification is that you pass both the theoretical and practical FROSIO examination. You can attend a re-examination if you did not pass one or both of the examinations, and we recommend that you participate the new examination(s) as soon as possible.

If you have passed one of the examinations, it is valid up to five (5) years. After this date, it is invalid and you must attend both examinations.
You have three attempts to pass the examinations. If you still do not pass, you must attend a new training course.

Contact the training body directly to register for a re-examination. They will inform you of prices and other necessary information that you might need.


                                                                                  FROSIO Course Highlights

  • 80 hours of Theory & Practical modules will be taught and well defined by training body’s approved Coating specialist / Trainers
  • All curriculum has been reviewed and approved by FROSIO body
  • Students can learn FROSIO’s compendium and updated coating technology with digital presentation
  • Online / video interactive modes preparatory class is available with HTS training body
  • Any course related doubts / uncleared items / practical workshop techniques / easy learning approach is being interpreted by our professional coating trainers
  • All our trainers were certified by FROSIO / NACE / SSPC / ICORR / BGAS / AGA / ACQPA / NSDC / PCSC / SKILL COUNCIL
  • In order to teach more corrosion related topics, additional corrosion specialist / technologist from NACE & ICORR present during the class session
  • Various Schedules available to accommodate many local and International students.